House Exterior

Reliable Foundation Repair

Over time, even the strongest foundations can sustain damage from weight, weather, and other sources. When you notice cracking, shifting, or sinking, it's vital to get repairs as soon as possible to ensure your property's safety—and your own. That's where Silicon Valley Remodeling can help. We offer effective foundation repair that enables you to avoid structural damage and unsafe living conditions.

Professional Home Re-Leveling

Houses are heavy, and once they're built, it's not uncommon for the ground to shift, causing a structurally unsound leveling issue. This can lead to smaller inconveniences, like cabinets not closing, to more dangerous issues, like a crack in the foundation. If this happens to your home, we can solve the problem through re-leveling that sets your back on a firm foundation. We also offer seismic retrofits and upgrades, helping the building stay strong in case of an earthquake.

House with Repaired Foundation

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